Бисер производства Корея «Ярна»

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Бисер производства Корея «Ярна»
Бисер производства Корея «Ярна»

Beads produced by Korea Yarna will please you with excellent quality, comparable only with beads produced by the Czech Republic and other elite producers.


The palette is represented by such textures: enamel, matte, "light", pearl spray, painted inside, luster (shiny), glass (natural), "chameleon". Beads calibrated, well laid down in embroidery.


All these textures are represented by a variety of colours and shades.


Due to the larger internal hole (in comparison with the Czech one) - one gram equals 110-130 beads (while Czech - 60-90) the enlarged inner hole will allow you to use these beads in complex weaving schemes (where flossing is required in several layers).


Accordingly, it is profitable and practical for decorative use (embroidery of clothes, stage costumes, headdresses, making costume jewelry, beading techniques, etc.), as well as embroidering paintings.


These are beads of average price category - much cheaper than Czech Preziosa and Japanese. At the same time, the Korean beads "Yarna" cannot be compared in all respects with cheap Chinese beads or Taiwanese ones, which are characterized by high fragility and poor calibration and uneven colouring.


Undoubtedly, the Korea beads "Yarna" - an analog and worthy competitor beads Czech Republic Preziosa. Our beads are also suitable for embroidering paintings, decorating clothes and interior items, as well as for creating ornaments and various accessories. Korean beads will please the creative individuals with their price and a palette of colours.


In our online store you can purchase beads Korea "Yarna" for embroidery wholesale (option available only for Ukraine) and retail.