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What is bamboo ...
What is bamboo ...

Bamboo fibre, or bamboo, is yarn or textile raw materials made from bamboo fibres. Historically, this material has been used for structural elements of the costume, such as ribs for corsets. But in recent years, thanks to new technologies, bamboo fibre has also been used in the textile and fashion industries. Things from bamboo yarn are made either from 100% bamboo fibre, or from a mixture of bamboo and cotton yarn. It can also be mixed with other types of fibres.

In China and Japan, they made hats and shoes from bamboo, which peasants and farmers wore to protect themselves from the sun. Bamboo, like other components, such as whalebone or steel wire was used as ribs for the corset in the dresses of oriental women of fashion.

Bamboo fibre is a cellulose fibre, extracted and processed, with the possible addition of additional substances. Usually bamboo yarn is made not from plant fibres, but from synthetic viscose made of bamboo pulp.

Bamboo, when machined, is an environmentally friendly fibre, it is also planted in poor regions of third world countries to develop them.

Bamboo is extremely durable material; it is much stronger than cotton or synthetics.

Also, bamboo absorbs moisture very well, and it is more environmentally friendly material than a cotton or polyester. Bamboo yarn has an antibacterial effect, it is soft and shine. When mixed with some other kind of yarn, it adds strength, softness and gloss.

There are two ways to treat bamboo. The first is chemical treatment, a caustic sodium solution turns bamboo into a cellulose fibre. Then it is processed by a strong bleaching detergent. This method is not considered environmentally friendly. After, in the following processing steps, toxic residues are washed out of the yarn.

The second is mechanical treatment, it is expensive, but environmentally friendly. Bamboo is soaked in parts, and then divided into individual fibres. The same method is used in the processing of flax.